Production source: Nari Maitre
The local chapter of the international organization Action Aid led me to Nari Maitree, a wonderful women's and adolescent cooperative that provides social services such hospitals and schools as well as a handicraft vocational training program. I chose Nari Maitree as a production source as they left me satisfied that the women would receive fair wages and that the working environment would be safe and protect them from sweat-shop-like conditions. Every Fairywallah garment is signed by the seamstress who made the individual piece.

The actions of single individuals have the power to make global change and Fairywallah allows you to be involved with such a process in Bangladesh through your purchase.

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Nari Matitree
Make Poverty History

Percentage of sales will benefit Nari Maitree's vocational training program as well as orphan and illiterate children in Bangladesh. Payments will be made through Action Aid in the US.

Fairywallah believes in conducting business in a manner that is a catalyst for awareness and change at an individual and collective level.
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