What does Fairywallah mean?

"Fairywallah" in Bengali applies to the traveling salesman selling ribbons, laces, buttons and trimmings from village to village...often a Pied Piper of sorts.

Our Style

Fairywallah is truly a meeting of the East and West: Western cut garments steeped in the Bangladeshi tradition of handmade, light summer cottons which reflect a love for colors, while incorporating beautiful embroidery.

Fairywallah designs give you a unique variety in dressing your child: dresses perfect for wonderful Alice in Wonderland-like tea parties, but also two-piece suits; cheeky, bold and unisex.

Our designs involve a conscious use of local resources, such as the buttery soft, cotton voile fabric. Bangladesh is also famed for our exceptional indigenous embroidery work known as "nakshi-katha", which you will find in our clothes.

In a culture accustomed to bespoke clothing, Fairywallah follows tradition by offering an exclusive, hand-made, limited edition line.

Who is Fairywallah?

Hi! I'm Talita Choudhury. I grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh until I was 18 years old. Then I came to the States and went to Mount Holyoke College and NYU, graduating with degrees in Gender Empowerment, Media Studies and Education. Currently, I work at a large magazine publishing house in the US, combining my love for art and design with my interest in communications.

In my family, we have a tradition of strong, independent women, which is remarkable among the male dominated-Muslim society that forms Bangladesh. I was always encouraged to find my strengths, as there was no gender discrimination in my home. I credit this to my maternal grandmother, who insisted that her daughters have access to as strong an education as her sons. My Nani was also involved in community service and established a parochial school in Pakistan. My mother, following in her footsteps, continues the role of educator in Bangladesh.

Fairlywallah was started in 2007 with my childhood friend Sanjida Sayeed, who handles all of our production in Dhaka. I have always loved fashion and design and consider myself as a creative person. Our company provides me with the opportunity to be involved in design while helping to improve people's lives.
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